LGS wall-installation "Perseverance"

LGS wall-installation "Perseverance"

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This unique fresco is made up of 27 pieces of stained skateboard wood, representing successes and failures

"Sometimes all pieces fit together and it works, and other times everything falls apart and you might start all again.
Like a skateboarder who endlessly practices his tricks, ignoring and overcoming fails and injuries until that one joyfull moment, when his perserverance paid and he finally succeeds." -L.G-

Central bloc length 465cm, heigth 292cm, total length 670cm, heigth 475cm.
Structured in 4 principal blocs and 4 free pieces.

One unique piece.

Being exposed at the exhibition "LGS - ART OF SLIDE" at the Hotel des Horlogers,
Le Brassus from July 13th to January 2025, please contact us for order.

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