Kit "LGS Skate Kicker"
LGS Kicker

Kit "LGS Skate Kicker"

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Build your personal Kicker at home !

June 2021 : currently out of stock, we will produce within the next weeks. You can pre-order your LGS Kicker by going through the ordering procedure. We will contact you very quickly for further information. Thank you !

Your skateboard element comes in precise CNC-cut pieces, all necessary screws and a galvanised steel plate for smooth riding. All ready to be assembled at your place.The rolling surface out of non-treated birch wood.

If you want to use it outdoor or if you want to increase it's lifetime, we highly suggest to give one or two protective coats (e.g. varnish) on the whole element (check your varnish for rolling comptability before you coat the element's rolling surface).

If out of stock, it takes approx. 2 weeks to delivery.

Dimensions :

Length 110cm
Width 60cm
Weight (without packaging)